Central Facilities


  • Cafeteria - The cafeteria is spacious, airy and well ventilated. Students have choice of menu and beverages. The fresh juice stall is the most loved joint.
  • Gymnasium - – The gym is well equipped and helps students and faculty stay fit at time convenient to them.
  • Health centre - The Health centre is well equipped to handle minor injuries and health issues. We have an ambulance (24X7) that caters to emergencies and serious injuries. A well qualified doctor is available at the college premises. First aid kits are available in all labs.
  • Incinerator - The College has an incinerator that can burn 3000 napkins a day and ensures that the waste is disposed in an eco friendly and hygienic manner.
  • WiFi - The WI-FI facility is run by Pioneer with 120 Mbps speed.
  • Mineral water plant - The College provides clean and filtered water and has installed an RO plant on the terrace.
  • Auditorium - The Auditorium is well equipped and has a seating capacity of 800.
  • Conference Hall - The Conference has a seating capacity of 300 and has an inbuilt audio video facility.
  • Seminar Halls - There are three Seminar halls as well with 250 seating capacity and audio visual facility.
  • Central Store - The College has a small store that caters to the stationery needs of the students and faculty including reprographic facility.
  • Water Coolers - Every floor has a water cooler connected to the Mineral water plant.
  • Waiting Hall - There are 4 waiting halls available for students.
  • Guest Room - The College has a guest room that allows guests to rest in the premises if required.
  • Power Back Up - The College has a Power Back Up facility that gives power back up to critical labs and systems.
  • Fire Extinguishers - Every floor and few labs have been provided with fire extinguishers for fire safety.
  • Printer and Copier - College has multiple printers and copiers available for smooth functioning of the departments.

Building and Common facilities