List of Committees

S.No Name of the Committee Committee Convener Mail id
1 Internal Quality Assurance Committee Dr. K.Shivnagi Reddy
2 Grievance Redressal Committee Mrs. E.Krishnaveni Reddy
3 Internal Complaint Cell Mrs. M.Kavitha
4 Women Empowerment Committee Mrs. M.Kavita
5 Entrepreneur Development Committee Dr Sunil Kumar
6 Career Guidance Training And Placement Committee Mrs SandhyaRani Mantha
7 Research And Development Dr. S. Jagadeesh
8 Library Advisory Committee Dr A Narmada
9 Student Welfare Committee Mrs.Sudeshna
10 Minority OBC Committee Mrs Sujathakumari N
11 SC/ST Committee Mr. S. Ashok
12 Anti-Ragging Committee Mr. K.Tulsiram
13 NSS & NCC Committee Mr. G.Dora Babu
14 Sports Committee Mr. Saibaba
15 Hobbies Committee Dr. Inderjeeth Singh
16 Alumni Committee Mrs. S.Radhika
17 Canteen Committee Mr. B.Sudhakar Reddy
18 Social Responsibility Cell Dr.Inderjeet Singh
19 College Disciplinary committee Dr. A Narmada

College Disciplinary Committee – 2021-22

S.No Name of the Committees Department Designation Coordinator
3   Internal Complaint Cell   ECE   P rofessor , HOD of   ECE     DR.A.NARMADHA  
4   Women Empowerment Committee   IT   Assistant Professor   MS.KAVITHA  
5   Entrepreneur Development   Committee   MBA   Assistant Professor   MS.SRIRANGA LAXMI  
6   Career Guidance Training And   Placement Committee   MBA   Assistant Professor   MS.SANDYA RANI  
7   Research And Development   ECE   Professor   DR.JAGADEESH  
8   Library Advisory Committee   IT   Professor , HOD of IT   DR. B.NARENDRA   KUMAR  
9   Student Welfare Committee   CSE   Professor   DR.   RAMASUBRAMANYAM  
10   Minority OBC Committee   S&H   Associate Professor   Mr.SURESH  
11   SC/ST Committee   ECE   Assistant Professor   MS.S.ASHOK  
12   Anti-Ragging Committee   ECE   Associate Professor   MR. K.TULASIRAM  
13   NSS & NCC Committee   S&H   Associate Professor   MR.DORABABU  
14   Sports Committee   S&H   PD   MR.SAIBABA  
15   Hobbies Committee   CSE   Assistant Professor   MR.PRASHANTH  
16   Alumni Committee   CSE   Assistant Professor   MS.RADHIKA  
17   Canteen Committee   MBA   Associate Professor   MR.B.SUDHAKAR REDDY  
18   Social Responsibility Cell   ECE   Professor   DR.INDRAJEETH SINGH  
19   Faculty Development Committee   CSE   Professor   DR.A.GAUTHAMI LATHA  
20   Innovation Incubation Cell   CSE   Professor, HOD of     I.B.TECH     DR. K.C RAVI KUMAR  
21   Finance and Purchase Committee   ADMIN   Associate Professor   MR.SUDHAKAR    
22   Academic Advisory Committee   CSE   Professor   DR. ANATHA KRISHNA  

College Disciplinary Committee – 2021-22

S.No Photo Name Designation Designation in Committee
1 Faculty image Dr. B.L. Malleswari Principal Chairman
2 Faculty image Dr. A Narmada HOD ECE Convenor
3 Faculty image Dr. A GauthamiLatha HOD CSE Member
4 Faculty image Dr K.C.Ravikumar HOD S&H Member
5 Faculty image Mrs. P Saritha EEE Member
6 Faculty image Dr. U Padmavathi HOD MBA Member
7 Faculty image Dr. D Narendra Kumar HOD IT Member

Women Protection Cell – 2021-22

S.No Name Designation Designation in Committee
1 Dr. B.L. Malleswari Principal Chairman
2 Mrs. M Kavitha IT HOD Convenor
3 P Swathi Assistant Professor Member
4 Shanthi Assistant Professor Member
5 Kavitha Assistant Professor Member
6 Deepthi Reddy Assistant Professor Member
7 N Sujatha Kumari Assistant Professor Member
8 P Sushmitha EEE Student Student Member
9 K Vaiplavi CSE Student Student Member
10 M Kavya IT Student Student Member
11 A Preethi ECE Student Student Member
12 K Akanksha MBA Student Student Member