Extension Activities


There is an IIEC in SWEC. The main objective of is to promote innovation by creating an environment where new products are developed based on pool of expertise available in the college. These products are developed further as marketable products. If an entrepreneur shows some interest for any product the IIEC facilitates complete knowledge transfer so that the enterprise becomes self-sustainable. IIEC facilitates industrial interactions and incubation in areas such as rural technologies, industrial solutions and so on. 

The goal of Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship center at SRIDEVI WOMEN’S ENGINEERING COLLEGE is to promote and support technology based spirit among the graduated and graduating students.

SWEC incubation center is aimed at transforming the students with vibrant ideas. The college supports the ideas of the students, and help them to nourish those ideas into effective action plans and also help them during the process, and provide them with the required support at any point of time.

The IIEC at SWEC looks forward to the participation of students and its alumini who have vibrant ideas to get wide knowledge on technical assistance provided by governmental and non- governmental agencies.

SWEC believes in development of both students and faculty through innovation and incubation that solves communal problems. Robust Academics, Industry relevant training, emerging technology knowledge through R&D and Professional mindset with human approach are the essential attributes that determine the success of our institute. SWEC has 4 UG programs with dedicated faculty and students that are involved extensively in research and product development activities.

The purpose of this unit is to promote and support innovations across the spectrum of science and technology with application in any field. It works along with various technical clubs, societies and teams on the campus to strategically develop a healthy culture where skill is developed and ideas are generated. I-cell is a part of Centre for Innovation

SWEC has also established an IOT center in the academic year 2014 -15. This also serves as the Industry Oriented lab where students learn the concepts and apply them.

SWEC management is highly cooperative in supporting and promoting domestic Academic Research activities. The institute provides funding for establishing and enhancing the state-of-the-art Infrastructure and Labs. Faculty and students are encouraged to file patents if the proposed idea has commercial viability. SWEC management also works with reputed industries to forge alliance to offer consultancy and advance training programs in the emerging fields which necessitates the faculty to take up Advance Research problems.


  • To select and incubate potential viable products
  • To create physical infrastructure and support systems necessary for business incubation activities
  • To create a network of researchers, mentors and entrepreneurs.
  • To inculcate the spirit of innovation  and enterprise among students.


  • Develop new products from innovative ideas
  • Make a prototype
  • Study the marketability of the products
  • Identify possible entrepreneurs
  • After entrepreneurs decides to invest offer necessary help in setting up a startup
  • Transfer technical knowledge and managerial expertise 


Facilities in incubation center
The following facilities are available at the Incubation centre and are listed below
  • ARDUINO Boards
  • Pentium Dual core
  • Dell OptiPlex 320 Core 2 duo
  • LCD Projector
  • Online UPS system, Printer


  • Matlab
  • Mentor graphics
  • Multisim
  • Xilinx
  • Labview
  • Arduino
  • Octave
  • Keil
  • MASM
  • CC Studio


Incubation Center
  incubation center  
incubation center
incubation center
incubation center
incubation center
incubation center
incubation center

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