Central Library


To make available the existing & Developing Knowledge through Physical books, Journals & E-books, E-Journals a Global level in all fields to facilitate the students to rise to their highest capacity for the women empowerment.


To create & maintain conducive Environment in the library to induce thirst for Knowledge among the students to become empowered women through Education.

  • About Department

    Central Library occupies a place of pride in SWEC and is an essential component of the institute outstanding education mission. It is the most lively place on the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes discovery and scholarship. The mission of the Central Library is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing for value-added services. All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are permitted to make use of library facilities. The library has a huge collection of books on Engineering, Management, Science and Humanities offer library services through its various divisions. It is a most lively place - It is the most lively place. Central Library with a carpet area - The library has a carpet area of the library has a carpet area of 1500 Sq.m. with Digital facility is functioning from 9:20 AM to 4 PM on all working days.

    Area of the Library

    Stacking Area 700 Sqm.
    Reading Hall 800 Sqm.
    Total Area 1500 Sqm.
    Seating Capacity 200

    List of books in Library

    1 ECE 1003 8746
    2 CSE 1576 11351
    3 EEE 666 5020
    4 IT 268 2402
    5 EIE 278 2502
    6 S & H 1182 8908
    7 MBA 1172 6934
        5877 43461

    Online Journals

    DELNET 805
    J-GATE Engiineering & Technology 6206
    Full Text Journals 2939
    Total 9950

    List of periodicals subscribed journals

    ECE 31 38
    CSE 28 30
    EEE 19 12
    IT 13 9
    S & H 26 13
    MBA 47 13
    Total 164 108
  • Digital Library

    E-journals have been subscribed through DELNET -AICTE consortium. Access to these Journals is made available to all the staff and students. Many transactions, journals, magazines, newsletters, proceedings can be accessed though this Digital Library.

    E Library Online Journals

  • Internet Lab

    Twenty systems connected to LAN with Internet facility are provided for the Students. They can use the facility for their project work, preparation for seminars and paper presentations, online access to journals, e-books and study material. Intranet facility is provided to access the previous question papers, teaching schedules, internal marks, attendance, daily circulars etc.

  • Audio - Visual centre & SONET Lecture DVD's

    VD's comprising the NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) /SONET lectures which were procured from all IIT's are kept open for students and staff for subject reference. Staff and students can refer these dvd's in the seminar halls.

  • Departmental Libraries

    In addition to the Central Library, every PG department has department library. All important text/reference books are maintained in the departmental libraries for the use of faculty and students.

  • Salient Features of the Library
    • The Total Seating Capacity is 200
    • Digital Library with 20 Systems
    • E- POWER and DELNET journals online
    • Reference section
    • Periodical section
    • Standard text books and books by well known authors
    • SC/ST Book Bank Scheme
    • 250 Readers Seats
    • Reference and Referral Service
    • Digital Library 20 Systems are available
    • On-Line Searching
    • Document Copying and CD Writing
  • Functioning of Digital Library
    • Access the Online Journals & Databases
    • Access E-Books, E-Lectures & Multimedia Content
    • Telnet Developing Library Networking E-Journals

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