Training & Placement

About TPD

The training and placement department at SWEC strives to bridge the gap between the Institute and the Industry by providing an all-round development of the personality of the students with knowledge, skills and competence essential to succeed in their career.

The department provides personal and career-oriented support to students by conducting several career oriented workshops, soft skill training and campus recruitment training. The effectiveness of these training is evident from the consistent placement results. Several companies have been visiting the college every year to tap and recruit the young talented students. There are many students who pursue higher studies and get admission into prestigious institutions in India and overseas.

The placement cell is well equipped with a conference hall, 4 interview rooms, 4 computer labs and internet connectivity to conduct recruitment drives.

The training department encourages every student to acquire practical skills in their chosen discipline along with interpersonal skills. The communication skills are enhanced through facilities like Phonetics and Communication skill labs. Apart from these resources, external trainers train and enhance the soft skills of the students.

The objective of the training department is to train students in soft skills, develop their personality and prepare them for the corporate world and help them succeed in their respective field. Training builds the confidence of the students and improves their ability to perform their job by demonstrating their ability to comprehend and deliver results. It helps them blend into the new environment with ease, cope with peer pressure and be a productive resource.

For any specific assistance, please contact

image Mr D Subramanyam
Head of Placements
Mobile number - +91 9700009977, 9505977356
Email id -

The Placement department is headed by Mr D Subramanyam and he has been instrumental in providing a stepping stone to the student’s career with excellent placements in reputed companies. He has signed MOU with companies like CSC, Oracle, SAP and Tech Mahindra to enhance the technical skills of the students. He has 12 years of experience in IT and is also the secretary of the placement association in Hyderabad.

Mr D Subramanyam, TPO has been awarded the National award for impact creators in Engineering education.

Head of Training

image The Training department is headed by Mrs M. Sandhya who is a Soft Skills Trainer and Coach. She has completed her MBA from the University of Pune and has a total of 20 years of experience with 12 years of industrial experience in Sales and Marketing and 4 years of training experience. She is passionate about training and her aim is to help every individual overcome the communication barriers that hinder growth and personal effectiveness in this competitive and professional world. She is passionate about her work and is totally committed to the learning and development of her students.

Higher Education

The training department encourages every student to acquire practical skills in their chosen discipline along with interpersonal skills. The communication skills are enhanced through facilities like Phonetics and Communication skill labs. Apart from these resources, external trainers train and enhance the soft skills of the students.


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College Placement Umbrella (CPU) at University level
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Placement Chart

Username Year Of PassOut Enter Your Roll Number Your Full Name Branch In B.Tech Mobile NO Working or Higher Education Working Company Name Working Location Package Higher Education Details Institute Name Branch Details Location Any other details 2018 14D21A0492 NEMALLAPUDI SAI LAKSHMI PRANATHI ECE 9963871700 Working Cap Gemini Pune 3.15 2018 14D21A0405 Amara Pratyusha ECE 9966979103 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15lacs per annum 2018 14D21A0212 Lavanya GARREPALLI EEE 8978784118 Coaching 2018 14D21A04D6 Sowmya kodakanchi ECE 8019390760 Searching for job 2018 14d21a0501 Anmisha Akula CSE 9652798696 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 2018 14D21A05G3 Vulli jahnavi CSE 9392718789 Higher Education Banking IACE Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad 2018 14D21A04F6 Ramreddygari karthika ECE 8297363536 Searching for job 2018 14D21A0244 KANDULA SWATHI EEE 9515019391 Coaching 2018 14D21A0243 Katkam Swathi EEE 9100324530 Preparing for govt exams 2018 14D21A05H6 Nikitha Dhanapuram CSE 9010635195 Coaching 2018 15D25A0208 M. Sneha EEE 9912743705 Homemaker 2018 14D21A1004 Ashokraj Meena EIE 8008276511 Working Jaladhi automations Hyderabad 2lakhs per annum 2018 14D21A0567 Ramya sree Gottipati CSE 9502987606 Higher Education MS La trobe University MIT Australia 2018 15D25A0206 Maheen begum EEE 7893992579 Gate coaching 2017 13D21A1213 So Prathyusha IT 9885146086 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 2018 14D21A0595 Perumalla Sai venkata sravanthi CSE 9959844955 Training 2018 14D21A05G6 Nikitha Yarra CSE 9573545800 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 2017 13D21A0489 A. Sri Vasundhara ECE 7093788733 Working Capgemini Pune 2018 14D21A04C0 CHALLA SANTHOSHA PRIYA ECE 9100275930 Working Reliable technosystems pvt ltd. Hyderabad 1.8Lakhs per annum 2018 14d21a1240 Patlolla Shalini Reddy IT 7386097786 Searching for job 2017 13D21A05C0 Korlapati Veera Venkata Kusumanjali CSE 8686181710 Working Logicon Global Innovations Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad 2018 14d21a04f2 Sushmitha Reddy ECE 7013513356 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2018 14D21A0231 SHAIK SHARMILA EEE 8367375629 Searching for job 2018 14D21A0205 Chandu.Bhavani EEE 7095969674 Preparing for government exams 2018 14D21A0404 Adulapuram Sowmya ECE 9666560432 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15L 2017 13D21A0437 Tata Sharanya ECE 9885906262 Working Cognizant Chennai 3 2017 13D21A0510 Hinduja Reddy CSE 9490149395 Married 2017 13D21A05G6 Mirugude Sravya CSE 7729097357 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15 2017 13d21a0573 Dudekula Naushad CSE 9493401648 Higher Education M.Tech Malla reddy college of engineering and technology MRCET Maisammaguda, doolapally, hyd 2018 14D21A0588 Mukka Vishnupriya CSE 8121221131 Working Capgemini MUMBAI 2017 13D21A0599 chenna ravali CSE 9618592252 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.35 2017 13D21A0206 Madhamanchi Anusha EEE 9550806514 Working IBM PVT LMT Chennai 2018 14D21A05G5 Vajrala Nandini CSE 9705326833 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2017 13D21A05B0 N. Sri Vijaya CSE 8801939699 Working IBM Bangalore 2017 13D21A04E0 Sangam Shivani ECE 8333848594 Working Accenture Hyderabad 180000 2017 13D21A0532 Alwala Priyanka CSE 9705541745 Higher Education M.Tech G Naryanamma institute of technology and science Computer networks and information security 2017 13d21a04j7 Sreevani muddadi ECE 9052632317 Working Internet global services Hyderabad 1.7lakh/ anum 2017 13D21A0473 Sai Pratyusha Nittala ECE 9849863892 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.15 2017 13D21A05C9 Allam Harika CSE 8686662014 Working Capgemini Bangalore 2017 13D21A04J8 Pedapudi Sri Lakshmi Sowmya ECE 9515734939 Higher Education MS VEDA IIT VLSI Engineering Hyderabad Working as an intern in SoCtronics Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad 2018 14D21A0557 B Jahnavi Chowdary CSE 8374238977 Job searching 2018 14D21A04I9 Kureti Geeta Sowmya ECE 9505085078 Working Intelenet Hyderabad 1.8 2018 14d21a0423 Janumpally mahitha reddy ECE 9703412369 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15L 2018 14D21A05F5 Padigela Rashmini CSE 9494027274 Working Wipro Hyderabad 1.8 2018 14D21A0572 Jorreegala Lahari CSE 8367382145 Preparing for govt exams 2018 14D21A1232 Ravali Kasula IT 9154849648 Job searching 2018 14D21A05I0 Swapna Gunaganti CSE 7893467876 Working Lorvent solutions Tarnaka, Hyderabad 1.2 lakh 2017 13D21A1226 Neeli Sarika IT 8978643114 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.15 2018 14D21A04L3 Susarla L Tirupatamba Naga Venkata Swapnika ECE 7674891260 Searching for a job 2018 14D21A0414 Chennuri Meghana ECE 9502031639 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2017 13D21A0571 Deepika singh CSE 8897902747 Working Capgemini Pune 2017 13d21a04f4 Poranki Vijayasree ECE 7338237317 Working IBM Bangalore 3 2017 13D21A05F2 Pagolu Ruchitha CSE 9701893136 Working wipro gachibowli 3.5 2018 14D21A04A7 Upadhya Gautami ECE 7097461084 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 CTC 2018 14D21A04K5 R.Vandana Reddy ECE 7330822045 Working Intellinet Hyderabad 1.8 2017 13D21A0519 Dharma Mounika CSE 9014136382 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.15 2017 13D21A0475 B.sai shirisha ECE 9398197450 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.5L 2018 14D21A0219 Vonnala Niharika EEE 9618433765 Working Amazon Hyderabad 2.2 2018 14D21A0498 Suddavanda pravallika ECE 9603964145 Working Cognizant Hyderabad 2.4lakh 2017 13D21A0535 Paka Ravalitha CSE 7416570692 Working Global logic Pvt ltd Hyderabad 1.72 2018 14D21A0535 Manisha Maddi CSE 9963280130 Working Amazon Development Center Hyderabad 2.25 2017 13d21a05e8 pravalika kolawar CSE 8686389399 Working IBM Banglore 2018 14D21A1001 Akhila Reddy EIE 9505898547 Not working 2017 13D21A05L8 Sadula Srilatha CSE 9502056761 Working IBM Bangalore 3.4LPA 2017 13D21A05C8 Hari ChandraJyothi CSE 7893875935 Working IBM Bangalore 2017 13D21A0536 Riddhi Taunk CSE 770225191 Working Capgemini Chennai 2018 14D21A04E8 Nallannagari Nikila ECE 9642213020 searching for job 2017 13D21A04F1 Punna vaishnavi ECE 8099817999 Working Wipro Hyderabad 2.2 2017 13D21A05A0 PULLURU SAI PRIYA CSE 8886049959 Preparing for civil service examination 2018 14D21A0424 Jasti Baby Bhavana ECE 9160797759 Working Amazon Gachibowli 2.4 2018 14D21A0585 KUNCHAPU SRI TEJA CSE 7674820682 Working IBM Banglore 3.2 2017 13D21A0449 vidya malladi ECE 8179796934 Working IBM Hyderabad ---- 2018 14D21A05A8 uppalasrilekha CSE 9494027545 Coaching 2018 14D21A05A8 uppalasrilekha CSE 9494027545 Coaching 2018 14D21A0585 KUNCHAPU SRI TEJA CSE 7674820682 Working IBM BANGLORE 3.2 2018 14D21A05C3 B.PREMA HAARIKA CSE 9030403767 Working CAPGEMINI PUNE 3.15 2018 14D21A0465 Chakalipraveena ECE 9515484430 Searching jobs 2017 13D21A05E1 Manasa Venishetti CSE 8374613498 Working IBM Pune 3.7 2018 14D21A0495 Supriya patha ECE 7032052575 Embedded coaching at vector india 2017 13D21A0501 T. Akhila CSE 8341600821 Working Purpletalk Kondapur 2.5 2017 13D21A05B1 Gorantla SriLakshmi Prasanna CSE 9642150928 Working IBM BANGALORE 2017 13D21A0575 Harpreet kaur CSE 8801692901 Working IBM Hyderabad Mindspace 2018 9704345175 Sangem pravalika CSE 9704345175 Working GST tax consultant Zaheerabad 1.4lpa 2017 13D21A04E1 Gajji Sindhuja ECE 9030372311 Working people tech India Hyderabad 1.5 lakhs 2017 13D21A05F3 K S Bhavya Deepthi CSE 7702842095 Working IBM Bangalore 3.57 2017 13d21a04e9 K V R L SHRAVYA ECE 9948316588 Higher Education MBA SYMBIOSIS CENTRE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING PUNE HR AND TQM 2017 13D21A0454 Basanthi sanku ECE 8184828795 Working Ibm Bangalore 3l 2017 13D21A0431 Pilligundla Sahithya ECE 9502022822 Working Capgemini Noida 3.15 2018 14D21A05C2 B.PRAVALIKA CSE 8790583945 Working Intelnet Global Services(Google Maps) Hyderabad 1.5 2017 13D21A0592 Nabeela Ashraf CSE 9492982423 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.2 lakhs per anum 2017 13D21A04I0 Pesaragayala nikitha ECE 8499850665 Working IBM Bangalore 2018 14D21A05J9 Puram Priyanka CSE 7842348551 Bank coaching 2017 13D21A05C3 Uppu Bhavani CSE 9515224820 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2LPA 2018 14D21A0594 Ramya paidy CSE 9553250653 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2017 13D21A04D1 Patlolla Pranavi ECE 8978496869 Working TCS Hyderabad 2lakhs 2018 14D21A0227 G SAI MEGHANA EEE 7287835829 Higher Education M.Tech Vnrvjiet Power Electronics Hyderabad 2014 14D21A04L5 Thatikonda Suma Varshini ECE 9666182799 Working Capgemini Mumbai 315,000 2018 14D21A04G9 Barlapally prasanna reddy ECE 9676862937 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2017 13D21A05K3 Ramya velaga CSE 9912856839 Working IBM Noida 3.25 2017 13D21A05K3 Ramya velaga CSE 9912856839 Working IBM Noida 3.25 2018 14D21A0574 Priyanka Kota CSE 7288989808 Working Capgemini Mumbai 2018 14D21A0596 Peddinti Sravya CSE 9398328120 Working Capgemini Talwade, Pune 3.15lpa 2017 13D21A0579 Kotagiri Kavya CSE 9059100748 Working IBM Pune 2.2LPA 2018 14D21A0580 Kammari saiprathusha CSE 9491505305 Going for training on manual testing in qspiders 2017 13D21A04J5 Chennuri Snehankitha ECE 9676824325 Working IBM Hyderabad 3.2 2018 13D21A04K0 Jakkula Srilatha ECE 8686083331 Trainning 2018 14D21A05L7 VELURI SAI SRI CSE 9542783826 Searching for job 2017 13D21A0577 Kasala Haseena Bhanu CSE 9705016931 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.5 2018 14D21A1220 Sripathi Manjulavani IT 9948256160 Working Cap Gemini Mumbai 315,000 2018 14D21A0477 Gunda Aishwarya ECE 8096512852 Bank coaching 2017 13D21A0580 Vajja Lakshmi susmitha CSE 7286831740 Working IBM Bangalore 4 lakhs per anumn 2017 13D21A0564 Anitha Gandoju CSE 9441325913 Working Capgemini Bangalore 2018 14D21A05F1 MATURI ANUSHA CSE 9885317296 Working Capgemini Gandhinagar 2.4 2018 14D21A05J2 Mali Sushmitha CSE 7794889097 Searching for job 2017 13D21A1229 Shruthi Thakur IT 8328583274 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.15 2018 14D21A0444 S.vasavi ECE 9581096690 Searching for job 2018 14D21A05E3 L Neeharika CSE 9502654839 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 lpa 2017 13D21A0218 M LIKHITHA EEE 9573458604 Higher Education M.Tech Vasavi college of engineering Power systems and power electronics Hyderabad 2017 13D21A0477 Nandyada sandhya ECE 9133463492 Working Cognizant Hyderabad 2.0L 2017 13D21A04B1 K.CHANDANA ECE 8332908625 Preparing for competitive exams 2017 13D21A0455 Nomula Deepa ECE 9502789244 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15 2017 13D21A0496 Swathi Badugu ECE 8333825441 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.15 2017 13D21A0201 Akhila Manyam EEE 9949981648 Preparing for gov jobs 2018 14D21A0569 Gajjala Spandhana CSE 7731066176 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.1 2017 13D21A0472 O.ROJA RANI ECE 9676569607 Not working 2017 13D21A05M3 Eemani Veera Pavani CSE 7680974296 Working IBM Bangalore 2.9 2018 14D21A04J4 Nikhila malraju ECE 9177380394 Higher Education MBA Dr B.R Ambedkar institute of management Hrm Baghlingampally 2018 14D21A0522 Lingampally Tejasri CSE 8500199991 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15 2018 14D21A05D6 Kanumuri Bhavani CSE 9652184666 Working IBM Banglore 320,000 2017 13D21A0540 Shankarshetti sandhya rani CSE 9652545500 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.15 2018 14D21A04C7 Gajapaka Manasa ECE 8897132240 Not yet working 2018 14D21A05L1 Siripuram akhila CSE 7032165886 Working Value labs Hyderabad 2018 14D21A1216 M.keerthi priya IT 8712889044 Placed in infosys joining date is november 26. 2017 13D21A0432 G SAI HARIKA ECE 7337594810 Working IBM India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore 2017 13D21A1002 Jillella Deepika Sathya EIE 8885778704 Working IBM Chennai 2018 14d21a05f0 M Lakshmi poojitha CSE 9704848787 Working Intelenet Hyderabad Kondapur 2 2018 14d21a0238 billa spandhana EEE 9848979809 Working ditya it solutions kukatpally 1 lakh 2018 14D21A0238 BILLA SPANDHANA EEE 9848979809 GATE COURSE 2017 13D21A1001 AYESHA FATIMA EIE 9160041590 Working Amazon development center Hyderabad 3 2017 13D21A0541 Naragudem Sarika CSE 7416283082 Higher Education M.Tech Vardhaman College of Engineering CSE Kacharam 2018 14D21A05J0 Maddipudi Snehalatha CSE 7285934614 Working Karvyiii Madhapur 1.2 2018 14D21A1242 Gundala Shravani IT 9700721847 Working Amazon development center Nanakramguda 2.2 p/a 2017 13D21A04J1 Shaik Sarthaaz ECE 8639306545 At home 2018 14D21A0598 Ruksana Begum CSE 9515855823 Working Dell international services Hyderabad 2.4 2018 14D21A0506 Akula varnika CSE 7893567444 Searching for job 2018 14D21A1253 Ankhilla Vishala IT 9704433560 coaching 2018 14D21A04J2 Kancharla Manideepika Chowdary ECE 8500360999 Working Intelenet global services Hyderabad 1.8 lakhs 2018 14d21a04d1 bhavani kamatala ECE 9652204653 Working capgemini mumbai 3.15 lakhs 2018 14D21A0441 Naveena Pothana ECE 9704369002 Higher Education M.Tech VNR Vignana Jyothi Embedded systems Hyderabad 2018 14D21A04M0 Yanagunde sowjanya reddy ECE 9573530367 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2017 13D21A0481 Kotte shivani ECE 8332885374 Higher Education M.Tech B V Raju institute of technology Embedded systems Narsapur 2018 14D21A1201 Akhila Panaganti IT 9393684871 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 LPA 2018 14D21A04C5 Dumne Prasanna ECE 7032819430 learning courses in tech mahendra foundation 2017 13d21a1003 Himasri Gogineni EIE 8885649850 Working SmartIMS Hyderabad 2.6L 2017 13D21A1221 Ravali Yamagari IT 8897285129 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.2LPA
ravaliyamagari96@gmail.con 2017 13D21A1221 Ravali Yamagari IT 8897285129 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.2LPA 2017 13D21A0237 Pathri Sri Sowmya EEE 8501869559 Working renewSys india pvt ltd Shamshabad 2.2 LPA 2018 14D21A05C0 Asadhi priyadarshini CSE 9963826500 job searching 2017 13D21A04D6 SAI MADHULIKA ANISHETTY ECE 9866874430 Working Capgemini Mumbai 315000 2018 14D21A0515 chunduri neelima CSE 9676721649 Working Cyient madhapur 3.25 2018 14D21A04G4 Vaitla Harika ECE 9502322354 Higher Education M.Tech Vasavi college of engineering M.E(Csp) Hyderabad 2018 14D21A0444 S.vasavi ECE 9581096690 Searching for job 2018 14D21A05F4 Pasam likitha chowdary CSE 8686445577 Working Intelnet Hitech city 1.7 2018 14D21A0473 GAYATHRI MIRIYALA ECE 7569688736 Working Cognizant Chennai 3.38LPA 2018 14D21A0401 A.snehitha yadav ECE 9652264984 Business 2018 14D21A1222 Jonnada Mrudula IT 9441576457 Working Syntel Pune 3.1LPA 2018 14D21A0407 Arepally Akshitha ECE 7286062914 Housewife 2018 14D21A0592 Pullela Venkata Surya Praveena CSE 9573845509 Higher Education MBA Amity global business school Hyderabad Punjagutta 2018 14D21A05E9 Maguluri Bharathi CSE 9010906904 Preparing for govt jobs 2018 14D21A0407 Arepally Akshitha ECE 7286062914 Housewife 2018 14D21A05K7 Salla Ravali CSE 9505199950 I 2017 13D21A0509 Kolanda hemalatha CSE 7032138554 Trying for job 2017 13D21A0486 Tenali.Sravani ECE 8008469459 Married 2018 14401A0491 vattamsowmya ECE 7075049996 Higher Education M.Tech dr Bvrit. institute of technology Embedded system narsalur 2018 14D21A0510 B Maheshwari CSE 9989987381 Not Working 2018 14D21A1244 Shruti Sharma IT 6204096676 Preparing for government job 2017 13D21A0467 Adem Prasanna ECE 9502402979 Working Wipro Gachibowli 2017 13D21A05A1 Morthati Sai Sharanya CSE 8332872735 Working IBM Bangalore 325000 2017 14d25a0401 Bandreddi prabhujnana pallavi ECE 7732044065 Higher Education Pg diploma Kernel masters Embedded systems Kphb 2018 14D21A0490 Nagireddy Deepthi ECE 8500348812 Coaching 2017 13D21A0409 Gopireddy Jaya Shree Reddy ECE 9550328695 Working IBM Hyderabad 3.41 2018 14d21a0440 P Sri Pravallika ECE 8008736112 Working Capgemini Pune 2.4lakhs 2018 14D21A1005 Ande.Ravali EIE 7382013524 Training 2017 13D21A05A2 RAMESHWARAM SAI SRUJANA CSE 9676722265 Working Launchship Technology Hitex Cith 2 2018 14D21A1217 Lakshmi Sai Samanvitha Oruganti I IT 9989644836 Higher Education MS University of Ontario institute of technology Masters in information technology security Canada 2018 14D21A1221 gudikandula meghanasree IT 7095165121 coaching 2018 14D21A1211 Chandana punugu IT 8106878512 Working Google Hyderabad 2.4 2018 14D21A05D1 Govvala Harshitha CSE 7093144088 Working Capegemini Mumbai 3.25 2018 14D21A04C9 HOUJI NIKITHA ECE 7799582612 Coaching 2018 14D21A1214 Kalwa janaki IT 9618981446 Attending interviews for job 2018 14D21A1210 R.Chaitanya kumari IT 8297252407 atteneding testing classes 2017 13D21AO520 Gurappa Mounika CSE 7680954685 Working IBM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. Kolkata 3.2 lakhs per annum 2018 14D21A1214 Kalwa janaki IT 9618981446 Attending interviews for job 2017 13D21A05J7 Navya Thammaly CSE 7702014918 Working Digital Nirvana Kairatabad 1.8 2017 13D21A0424 Onmani Niveditha ECE 9701234226 Working CapGemini Mumbai 3.15L 2017 13D2A05A9 Sreekeerthi vathoju CSE 9502208856 Married and leaving to Germany for higher education 2018 14D21A0456 Angeri Sangeetha ECE 9652762432 Coaching on development and testing 2018 14D21A0435 Palakeeti Manisha ECE 8985971413 Staying in home 2017 13D21A04J4 Shravani Bheemshetty ECE 9.20E+11 Apprentice at ecil 2017 13D21A04H0 VALABHOJU LAYA SRI ECE 7337097596 Apprentice Training 2017 13D21A0417 Madhuri Koyilakonda ECE 9951756058 Working IBM Pune 3.2 2017 13D21A04G9 G. Laxmipriya yadav ECE 7729888759 Working Ask It Begumpet near airport 2.5 2018 14D21A0562 CH Ashwini CSE 9505175068 Coaching 2018 14D21A04E7 Narlawar Bindu ECE 772984275 coaching 2018 14D21A1241 Pocha Sharvani IT 9494886210 Higher Education M.Tech G.Narayamma Institute of technology & science CNIS 2018 14D21A04H8 Golla Ramadevi ECE 7075377168 Coaching 2018 14d21a1236 Saitejaswini talavelma IT 9573812412 Working Indian cooperative bank Miyapur 120000 2017 13D21A0543 Mohammad Shaheen Unisa CSE 9642573657 - 2017 13D21A05J1 Lavanya Borbande CSE 9160930266 Working IBM India Pvt Ltd Hyderabad 2018 14D21A0420 GORIKADI SOUNDHARYA ECE 7702701220 Preparing for competitive exams 2018 14D21A05L6 Haritha Veerupaka CSE 9618951454 searching for a job 2017 13D21A0421 Banoori Navya Reddy ECE 7207955764 Working TechMahindra Pune 3.25L 2018 14D21A0237 Soundarya vadlamani EEE 9160509542 Working Intelenet global services Hi tech city 1.8l/pa 2018 14D21A0463 Bolli Chandana ECE 8341478737 Not yet placed 2018 14D21A1235 Sai Sudha garipelli IT 8919928790 Working Ibm Bangalore 3.2 lpa 2017 13D21A0534 Pendyala Radha CSE 9985573214 Working Ibm Pune 3.25lk 2017 13D21A05K8 Sarika bobbili CSE 9440942561 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 2017 13d21a04d0 ramya kalle ECE 7989024405 fresher 2017 14d21a04f5 Akhila bazaru ECE 9966132632 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2lpa 2018 14D21A1215 Devasani.keerthi IT 8919088647 Course 2018 14D21A0450 Totapalli Kavya ECE 7730959031 Working Capgemini Bangalore 2.4L 2018 14D21A0417 Asmitha ECE 9603286603 Higher Education Interior designing HAMSTECH Pavani plaza , panjagutta Panjagutta 2018 14D21A1228 Panakanti Pallavi IT 9704298281 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.1 2018 14d21a1233 U.Sahithi IT 9666943591 Job search 2018 14D21A0560 Bandaru Lakshmi Bonita CSE 9849904950 Working Amazon Madhapur 2.45 2018 14D21A1218 DUGGIRALA LIKHITHA IT 8522985118 Working Capgemini Banglore 3.1 2018 14D21A0430 ECE 8374956488 Gate preparation 2017 13D21A0494 Sushmitha Y ECE 8686680313 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.15 2018 14D21A1245 SOUMYA RAMPALLY IT 9573583830 Higher Education MS UTS Tele communication Australia 2017 13d21a04i8 yerpula.ravalika ECE 9177350731 Higher Education M.Tech G.narayanamma institute of technology & science wireless mobile communication 2017 13D21A04D8 Peddi sharanya ECE 8790985238 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.15 2017 13D21A04D7 k.Santhi likhitha ECE 8332823321 Working IBM Bangalore 3.25 2017 13D21A04B5 Sravya Goteti ECE 9885363731 Working Capgemini Bangalore 2017 13D21A0410 ANTHATI JOSHNA ECE 9949514678 Working Tech Mahindra Hyderabad 3.25 L per annum 2017 13D21A04D6 Anishetty Sai Madhulika ECE 9866874430 Working Capgemini Mumbai 2017 13D21A04C6 GUBBALA NIKHITA SREE ECE 8374238348 Working IBM bangalore 2017 13D21A0586 Mahitha Akula CSE 7730041428 Working Capgemini Banglore 3.5 2017 13D21A04B2 Sanka.Eswari Santhoshi Matha Sindhuja ECE 9573091924 I am not doing anything 2017 13D21A04E8 Shetty swathi ECE 9618217790 Currently not working due to location problem. 2017 13D21A04E6 CHINTHALA SWATHI ECE 7680851215 Working IBM BANGALORE 3.2 lakhs 2018 14D21A1205 Gantha Annapurna IT 9553753439 Working Cognizant (traning) Hyderabad 3.38 per annum 2017 13D21A0462 Kalivemula Manasa ECE 8790411481 Higher Education M.Tech Vnr vjiet Embedded systems Bachupally No 2018 14D21A04H9 GURRAM ROJARANI ECE 9603690454 Coaching 2017 13D21A04C2 Sanaka Naga lakshmi ECE 7036029120 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 per annum 2017 13D21A04E2 E. SNEHA DEEPTHI ECE 8008059611 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.2 lakhs per annum 2017 aindla mounika reddy CSE 9440355502 Working CIBC Canada 50,000$ 2017 13D21A0422 CHADUVULA NAVYA SREE ECE 9948753630 Working IBM BANGALORE 3.2L 2018 14d21a04k7 Rishika Singh ECE 9100812403 Working Amazon Hyderabad 2.6 2017 13D21A04C5 Tallapelli Niharika ECE 7702150219 Working IBM Bangalore 3.25 2017 13D21A04C3 Navya Bollampally ECE 8801982249 Working IBM Bangalore 3.25 2018 14D21A0439 Pirangi vineetha ECE 9493805268 Higher Education Civils preparation C B S academy Upsc 2017 13D21A04A6 Anusha Devi Adireddy ECE 8790643323 Working IBM Hyderabad 2018 14D21A04J1 Motati.lakshmiprasanna ECE 9505624751 Govt exam coaching
pirangivineetha7@gmail.con 2018 14D21A0439 Pirangi vineetha ECE 9493805268 UPSC preparation 2018 14D21A0439 Pirangi vineetha ECE 9493805268 Upsc preparation 2017 13d21a1003 Himasri Gogineni EIE 8885649850 Working SmartIMS Hyderabad 2.6L 2017 13D21A04F7 Archana sowdarpally ECE 7013972159 Working Ibm Bangalore 3.2lpa 2017 13D21A05B2 Sumitra Karan CSE 9703952505 Working Tech Mahindra Hyderabad 2.8 2018 14D21A1252 Gaddamedi varsha IT 9059979575 Working Accenture Hyderabad 2.4 2018 14D21A1207 Anusha Karnati IT 7095346636 Trying for job 2017 13D21A04E5 BAKKA SUSHMA ECE 8499867252 Working IBM Kolkata 2018 14d21a1247 Sri kavya IT 9704155693 Cources 2017 13D21A0504 AYESHA ANAM CSE 9951175995 Getting trained in an institution 2018 14D21A1224 Ganga Navyasri IT 8121262717 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15pl 2018 14D21A05I9 Mamidi Pranathi Chandra CSE 8106849811 graphic designing course 2017 13D21A0497 Racharla Swathi ECE 8121127282 Working IBM Bangalore 3L 2017 13D21A0488 C. SREELEKHA ECE 9502898166 Working IBM BANGALORE 3.25 P/A 2017 13D21A04F2 Guduru Varsha ECE 8501882159 Working IBM Banglore 3.2 Lakhs 2017 13d21a0441 Sree lasya p ECE 8106256921 Working Deloitte Hyderabad 4.5lpa 2017 13D21A0537 Rohitha Gajula CSE 9885185541 Working IBM PUNE 3.5 L/A 2018 14D21A0546 Pola Varsha CSE 9502292673 Working Value labs Hyderabad 1.8L 2018 14D21A04H4 Duggirala Nikhitha ECE 9542376224 Preparing for govt exams 2017 13D21A04F2 Guduru Varsha ECE 8501882159 Working IBM Banglore 3.2 Lakhs 2018 14D21A1251 Dharmavarapu Swathi IT 8106095576 In search of job 2018 14D21A1229 Manne Prasanna IT 9177945427 In search of job 2018 14D21A05E1 pooja CSE 9059838991 nothing staying in home not yet working 2014 14d21a05b2 Priyanka Poudel CSE 8374233119 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15 2018 14D21A0593 P. L Sameera Tanuja CSE 9704893038 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15 lakh per annum 2017 13D21A0495 KASHAMOLI SWAPNA ECE 9505435477 Working IBM Bangalore 2017 13D21A0485 Sraavya Reddy S ECE 9603367145 Self employed 2017 13D21A0468 Priya Nandini Mummaleti ECE 8790141797 Working IBM Hyderabad 2.6L 2018 14D21A0242 Cingam sushmitha EEE 7386835706 Coaching 2018 14d21a04k4 R. Priyanka Reddy ECE 9573192327 Working wipro Hyderabad 2018 14D21A0206 Atti Dhanalakshmi EEE 7093038958 Searching for job 2018 14D21A0412 BAKI HYMA CHANDANA ECE 7207834904 Working CAPGEMINI PUNE 3.15 lac 2018 14D21A04B4 Arradi Anusha ECE 8897644109 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15LPA 2018 14D21A0520 D.Supraja CSE 9052886360 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 2018 14D21A04I6 Komati Yagnasree ECE 8801030029 Working Capgemini Pune,Hinjewadi 3.15 2018 14D21A0403 Adapakala sravanthi ECE 8374015761 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 Lpa 2018 14D21A0420 GORIKADI SOUNDHARYA ECE 7702701220 Preparing for competitive exams 2018 14D21A04B5 Ayesha Hassan ECE 7702534483 Freelancing as content writter and web developer 2017 13D21A0231 D.satya ganga bhavani EEE 9908632539 Working Next education India private limited Hyderabad 2.4 lakhs 2017 13d21a0487 Bathula Sravanthi ECE 9535673934 Working IBM Kolkata 3.2l 2017 13D21A04C0 Sadu Mounika Chandra Sekhara Rao ECE 9535585316 Working IBM India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore 3.2 Lakhs 2018 14D21A0541 Patlolla Madhuri CSE 9603544124 Working Accenture Hyderabad 2018 14D21A0202 Ashrita Dasari EEE 8712942787 Working Infosys MYSORE 3.25 lakhs 2018 14D21A05J8 Narla Vasantha Pallavi CSE 8897716624 Working Capgemini Mumbai 2018 14D21A04H7 G. Sai Naveena ECE 8008169160 Working capgemini Mumbai 2018 14D21A0438 Papolu Sri Naga Chandi Priya ECE 9440208325 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15L 2018 14D21A1231 Ramya Guntaka IT 9177609000 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 LPA 2017 13D21A0492 G Sushma ECE 8790886688 Higher Education M.Tech Gitam University, Hyderabad VLSI Design Hyderabad 2018 14D21A05H0 Cholasamudram Divya CSE 9642634326 Working Walls asia Gachibowli 2 2018 14D21A05B9 Meghana Apsingekar CSE 7013435452 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 LPA 2018 14D21A05G7 Ammula srihitha CSE 9491650028 Interested in higher education after searching jobs 2017 13D21A04A9 Kancharla Bhargavi Aishwarya ECE 8978633920 Higher Education M.Tech Eluru college of engineering Vlsid 2017 13D21A0479 Shirisha Varuganti ECE 8374228379 Planning for higher education 2018 14D21A0220 Rapolu Nithya Santhoshi EEE 9100399252 Working Value labs Hyderabad 2018 14D21A04C2 Dara Sai prathyusha ECE 7075375999 Higher Education MBA Sri Devi women's engineering college Hr Hyderabad 2018 14D21A04L1 S.Vijaya Lakshmi ECE 8374939739 Working Capgemini Pune 3.1L 2017 13D21A0241 Jorka Swathi EEE 9848390614 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 2018 14d21a0503 Akula Naveena CSE 7674079258 Working Aliens Tellapur 1.75 2017 13D21A0209 Chukkanagari Devi Sree EEE 9948097915 Working Bionics Medchel 1.2 2018 14D21A04E6 Mutholla Manisha ECE 8465060512 Preparing for govt exams 2018 14D21A0443 Ramidi Nikhitha ECE 9701411498 Searching for a job 2018 14D21A04L9 YAMPARALA SREEVALLI ECE 8096482484 Higher Education MBA Bvrit In 2nd yr Narsapur, Hyderabad 2017 13D21A0447 Sushmitha Kummarakuntla ECE 7893784654 Working Capgemini Bombay 3.15 lakhs per annum 2017 12D21A0470 JOJODE HIMABINDU ECE 9542835680 Working Capgemini Kolkata 3.15 2018 14d21a0531 Majji Lakshmi Rajeswari CSE 8142835202 Working Infosys Mysore 3.25 2016 12D21A05A2 Shravya Nellutla CSE 7382547469 Working IBM Bengaluru 3.2 LA 2016 12D21A0586 Daroor Prathyusha CSE 8125269598 Working Tech Mahindra Hyderabad 4lpa 2016 12D21A0597 Sirna Santoshi CSE 8341562055 Working Syntel Pune 3.7 2016 12D21A0433 Thotakuri Premalatha ECE 9177096502 Working Cognizant techology solutions Hyderabad 3 2016 12D21A5049 Srilekha Yerasi CSE 8142930441 Working Capgemini India Technology Services Bengaluru, India 4 2016 12D21A0432 Preethi Reddy Nandanoori ECE 8523810324 Working Nurture software solutions Bangalore 3lpa 2016 12D21A0201 Tatiguntla Anusha EEE 9550958067 Working Tata consultancy services Pvt LTD Hyderabad 4.11 LPA 2016 12D21A04F6 Yegolapwar shivani shyamsunder ECE 9618144352 Banking classes 2016 12D21A0476 Lakshmi Bhargavi Adapa ECE 8886918287 Working Wipro Hyderabad 3.4 LPA 2016 12d21a0571 Gantyala kavya sri CSE 9963236124 Working NESTLE India Hyderabad 5.2 LAP 2016 12D21A0541 CHIKOTI SPANDANA CSE 8885865707 Bank Coaching 2016 12D21A05C7 M Lakshmi Devi CSE 9032627683 Working Icici bank Gachibowli 1.5 2018 14D21A0225 Sabbu Ravali EEE 7729961535 Govt job preparation 2016 12D21A0570 Pocha kalyani CSE 9573650477 Planning for higher education 2016 12d21a05d5 Katighar mounika CSE 8333060601 Working Iblesoft Madapur 210000 per anum 2016 12D21A0484 Juzhalarao Hanuma Naga Mounika ECE 8331909348 Working Genpact Hyderabad 2.2lac per annum 2016 12D21A04G5 Varsha Gorla ECE 9959188851 Higher Education MS Hochschule Offenburg Communication and Media Engineering Germany 2016 12D21A0556 Kummari swathi CSE 7093038988 In search of job 2016 12D21A0219 Pingili pranaya reddy EEE 9618395783 Working TBRC Hyderabad 2.5 2016 12D21A04B9 Annett Varghese ECE 9542632645 Higher Education MBA Christ University MBA - LOS Bangalore 2016 12D21A04A8 Indla Sowmya Sree ECE 9177771254 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.33 LPA 2016 12D21A0437 Ramya Sri B ECE 9160027437 Working Sia publishers and distributors Madhapur 2.1 lakhs/ annum 2016 12D21A0437 Ramya Sri B ECE 9160027437 Working Sia publishers and distributors Madhapur 2.1 lakhs/ annum 2016 12D21A0515 Laharika Goud Bathula CSE 8985612347 Working Thomson Reuters Hyderabad 2018 14D21A04J6 Anuradha Morapakala ECE 8341631218 Working Rapiid Robotics Banjara hills,Hyderabad 1.8k 2017 13D21A052 Thumma Srinidhi CSE 8185807418 Working IBM Bangalore 3.2 2016 12D21A04G4 KUNSOTH UMARANI ECE 9703254315 Higher Education M.Tech cvsr anurag group institutions Embedded system jodimetla 2016 12D21A05D4 Meghana Dhotre CSE 8500678900 Working Tetrasoft Indian Pvt lmt Hyderabad 2016 12D21A0415 Laharika Keshayyagari ECE 9652053619 Working DXC Technology Bangalore 2016 12D21A0460 Venu Madhavi Kandula ECE 14389798009 Higher Education M.Engg Concordia University Electrical and computer engineering Montreal, Canada 2018 14D21A0229 G.SAI SHRUTHI EEE 8019071048 Trying for jobs 2016 12D21A0546 Sridivya KANUKUNTLA CSE 9121601255 Working Cyient Hyderabad 4 2016 12D21A04B1 Gopalapuram Srujana ECE 9550502724 Working Gyanvriksh Gachibowli 2.2 LPA 2016 12D21A0486 VEERANKI NAGA VAISHNAVI ECE 8297136256 Higher Education M.Tech G. NARAYANAMMA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE IT Hyderabad 2016 12D21A0596 Sai Satya sireesha potturi CSE 9849001010 Working Capgemini Bangalore 2018 14D21A05B7 ANUPUR SUSHMA RAYAN CSE 9704334494 M. TECH 2016 12D21A0222 kota ravali EEE 9951223068 Working wipro technologies gachibowli 2.4lakhs 2017 13D21A05C2 Aspathi Archana CSE 9032196238 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.15 2018 14D21A0523 Janagama mounika CSE 8374311561 None 2017 13D21A0476 Chintalapati Sandhya ECE 9989336418 Working IBM India Private Limited Bangalore 3.2 lakh 2016 12d21a0427 Gunda Nikhitha ECE 9951762553 Working NXP Semiconductors Hyderabad 2018 14D21A05C6 Chukkala Snigdha CSE 9949596220 Governament jobs 2016 12D21A0408 Bindu Sowjanya Kotipalli ECE 9100182905 Working DXC. Technology Bangalore 4LPA 2017 13D21A0207 Nallagandla Aruna EEE 9505574319 Working Confederation of indian industry(cii) Hitech city 240,000 2017 13D21A0207 Nallagandla Aruna EEE 9505574319 Working Confederation of indian industry(cii) Hitech city 240,000 2017 13D21A0578 Jyothsna maddala CSE 8790592543 Working IBM Chennai 3.2 2016 12D21A05A5 Sowmya Varukuru CSE 8106567977 Working Tech Mahindra Bangalore 3.65 2016 12D21A05B4 Tejaswini Tammineni CSE 9059899963 Working Linoy Technologies Hyderabad 2016 12D21A0543 Thaniparthi Sravani CSE 9177653416 Working PurpleTalk Watermark Technopark, Kondapur 2016 12D21A0524 PREETHI NEERUDU CSE 7207309242 Working IBM Bangalore 3.25lpa 2016 12D21A04A7 GONELA SOWMYA ECE 9705861399 House wife 2016 12D21A0569 Harshitha Gundapaneni CSE 426544490 Higher Education MS Charles sturt university Masters in Information technology Melbourne, Australia 2016 12D21A0235 Soujanya pulle EEE 9912314100 Higher Education M.Tech CMR collage of engineering and technology It's good 2018 14D21A05A0 Ragini Salguti CSE 7673943136 Java Coaching 2016 12D21A0458 TOKAPUR UMA MAHESHWARI ECE 9000618514 Coaching 2018 14D21A05I7 KOTTACHALLA PRASANNA CSE 9.17E+11 Higher Education M.Tech VNR VJIET CSE BACHUPALLY 2016 12D21A0595 Sai Priya Cheekati CSE 9666460906 Working Tech Mahindra Hyderabad 3.55 2018 14D21A04C1 chilukamarri sowmya ECE 8686191029 Coaching 2017 13D21A0554 Swathi nallapaneni CSE 8008065929 Working Ibm Pune 2016 12D21A0513 Kavitha Jhat CSE 9963796285 Working Genpact, Google client Financial district 1.9lpa 2018 14D21A1206 Rayappagari Anuradha IT 7032411419 Learning VmWare and Cisco 2016 12D21A05B0 Srujana Alla CSE 9052141654 Working Tech Mahindra Hyderabad 3.6 2017 13d21a0483 Sowmya ECE 9951651362 Job searching 2016 12D21A0423 naseema begum ECE 9908918204 Working icici bank hyderabad 2.4 2018 14D21A0496 Padma Pravalika ECE 9652119567 Coaching 2016 12D21A0537 rachamalla shivalatha CSE 8977777579 business 2018 14D21A05F7 AISHWARYA R CSE 7893839655 Higher Education MBA St.Anns women's college HR Mehdipatnam 2017 13D21A05B8 VANAJA CHITTABOINA CSE 9951025120 Working IBM BANGALORE 3.2 2018 14D21A05G4 V.Sahitheeswari CSE 8686892602 Working Intelenet global services(Google Maps) Hyderabad 1.66 2016 12D21A202 MallenipalliAswini EEE 9052736141 Working capgemini hydreabad 3.8 2016 12D21A04E1 KUTHADI MOUNIKA ECE 850187781 Higher Education M.Tech B V RAJU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,NARSAPUR. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS NARSAPUR 2018 14D21A0233 Shravya nagamalla EEE 7842229337 Working Icici Gachibowli 2.4 2016 12D21A0487 Pulluru Navya ECE 9959987716 Preparing for civil services 2018 14D21A05B8 Aoudam Srilatha CSE 9676509624 Working Intelnet Hyderabad 168000 2016 Dubasi Gouthami ECE 9652569890 Higher Education M.Tech Vasavi college of engneering Signal processing and communication Ibrahimbagh 2018 14D21A05D0 Sowjanya Godha CSE 8790496025 Bank coaching 2016 12D21A0478 Mamatha Maddi ECE 7032404656 Higher Education MBA Aurora pg college MBA Ramanthapur 2016 12D21A0439 C. Roopa ECE 9959060464 Working Cognizant Hyderabad 2.1 2017 13D21A05I7 Jhansi Machani CSE 7093445570 Working IBM Bangalore 3L per Anum 2016 12D21A0443 Sajja Nandana ECE 9121756783 Working Intelenet global services Kondapur 1.8 pa 2016 12D21A0429 Noorie Alisaheb ECE 9505688011 Working Cognizant Hyderabad 2.1 2017 13D21A04D6 Anishetty Sai Madhulika ECE 9866874430 Working Capgemini Mumbai 2016 12D21A0403 AnushaReddy ECE 9177535127 Working Capgemini Chennai 3.4lpa 2018 14D21A1209 Banuri Bhavya IT 9603306215 Training 2017 13D21A05F9 Nimmala Sameera Reddy CSE 8501856688 coaching 2016 12D21A0212 Thudumu mounika EEE 8186094689 Working HGS Lakdikapul 2.21 2016 12D21A0243 swathi pawar EEE 9346077988 Higher Education MS University of North Carolina at Greensboro Computer Science North Carolina 2016 2012d21a0523 Nikitha Kanumuri CSE 18707170082 Working Tiger Correctional Services Jonesboro, Arkansas,USA 2500000 2016 12D21A0536 SHILONI NETHA CSE 9989178707 Higher Education MS Politechnika Gdańska Computer Electronic Systems Gdańsk 2017 12D21A0234 SIDRALA SHRUTHI EEE 9154390995 Searching for job 2016 12D21A0214 Amte Navya EEE 7207873177 Working Cognizant Technology Solutions Hyderabad 3.72 2016 12D21A0223 Rishitha N EEE 9618048509 Higher Education MBA Bvrit Mba Narsapur 2016 12D21A0246 Venkatalaxmi EEE 9550703081 Working Telanga transmission corporation limited(TSTRANSCO) Vidyuth soudha,hyderabad 10 lakh per anum 2016 12D21A0225 M S MANOJA KUMARI EEE 9177311964 Higher Education M.Tech G.narayanamma institute of technology and science Power electronics and drives Hyderabad 2018 14d21a0232 Sara.sheshikala EEE 8186063443 Higher Education MBA Sarojini nayudu vanitha maha vidhyalaya Finance Hyderabad
ACHUKKAPALLIPRIYANKA@GMAIL.COM 2016 12d21a04e8 Chukkapalli priyanka amulya ECE 8639042180 Higher Education MBA Kakatiya university Mba with specialization of HR Khammam 2016 12D21A04D3 Karishma Begum ECE 9505287894 Learning some courses 2016 12D21A04E7 Eega pravallika ECE 7658910030 Higher Education M.Tech Gokaraju rangaraju institute of engineering and technology ECE(VLSI) Hyderabad 2018 14D21A0556 AKAVARAM UMA MAHESHWARI CSE 9666616591 Searching for job 2016 12D21A0221 Aitha Ramya EEE 8096833976 Working Capgemini India Private Ltd. Bengaluru 2017 13D21A05L4 SOWJANYA MAMIDI CSE 9492354096 Working Capgemini India Pvt Ltd Bangalore 3.2L 2016 13D25A0402 S. NAGARANI ECE 9177613866 Higher Education M.Tech G. Narayanamma institute of technology and science for women s CNIS Shaikpet 2018 14D21A0442 Priyanka Singh ECE 9849802356 Working Cap gemini Pune 3.15 2016 12D21A05A9 Sanam sri phani chandra CSE 9440544456 Higher Education M.Tech G. Narayanamma institute of technology and science for women IT 2017 13D21A0205 N ANUSHA EEE 9603194806 Working IBM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED BANGALORE 3.2 L 2017 13d21a0215 Kalyani gunti EEE 9666551682 Working Capgemini Mumbai 315,000 2017 13D21A0451 Vinitha Nannaparaju ECE 9.20E+11 Working Capgemini Mumbai 3.15 2017 13d21ao452 Anusha andhi ECE 8179428764 Working Select Jubilee hills 18000 2018 14D21A05F6 Puligilla Shirisha CSE 7893295844 Working Capgemini Hinjewadi- Pune 3.15 LPA 2016 12D21A0455 Muktapuram swapnalatha ECE 9502995477 Higher Education MBA Chaitanya bharathi institute of technology Gandipet Hyderabad 2016 12D21A0483 NAGALAXMI BANDELA ECE 7997513318 Working wipro hyderabad 2017 13D21A0236 Bramhanapalli Sreevidhya Reddy EEE 9494832255 Working IBM Hyderabad 2017 13D21A0223 Torlikonda Naga Venkata Hyndavi EEE 8019955302 Working IBM Chennai 3.45 2017 13D21A05J2 Lavanya Somisetty CSE 7660062869 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 2018 14D21A0575 Kodali Sai srujana CSE 9133482484 Working Syntel Private Limited Pune 310,000 2016 12D21A04E5 tanneru poornima ECE 9640803329 2018 14D21A04E0 Neha ECE 7093190071 Working Capgemini Pune 3.15 lakh per annum 2016 12D21A0406 PARAMKUSHAM BHAVIKA ECE 9908247118 Higher Education MS VEDA INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD VLSI ENGINEERING HYDERABAD 2016 12D21A0548 Cheruku Srilatha CSE 9502460532 Working Capgemini Chennai 3.4L/ yr 2016 12D21A0593 Ramya CSE 9603289744 Working IndustryARC Hitechcity 2016 13D21A04A3 Sneha bhanoori ECE 8125244335 Working Inrhythm solutions Hyderabad 2016 12D21A04F2 Shazia Azmat ECE 9908192011 Higher Education M.Tech G. Narayanamma Institute Of Technology & Science DECS 2016 12D21A0446 Sana Tabassum ECE 8008531762 Working IBM India PVT Ltd Bangalore 3.6lpa 2018 14D21A05A6 T BHAVANA CSE 9553364181 JOB SEARCH 2018 14D21A04A3 Sreeram Sneha ECE 7680082945 Working Valuelabs HYDERABAD 1.3 2017 13D21A0234 T Soundarya Lahari EEE 9603050454 Working IBM Kolkata 3.2 L 2017 13D21A05B4 Sakamuri Swetha CSE 9000882808 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 335000 2016 12QQ1A0405 B Pravalika ECE 8500502364 Working Amazon Hyderabad 2.3L 2017 13D21A05B4 Sakamuri Sowjanya CSE 9000166095 Working IBM Calcutta 375000 2016 12D21A0509 perukadivyamounika CSE 9493417920 Working Mapples international school beeramguda 1.5 2016 12D21A0404 Enje Asha Jyothi ECE 9502935008 Working Jochebed tech solutions Esi 2016 12D21A0479 Meghana ECE 8330950737 Working VoltusWave Technologies Gachibowalli 2.4 2018 14D21A05D9 kashaf fatima CSE 8125237940 course 2016 12D21A04B8 Urmila Edara ECE 9676094340 Working Capgemini India Pct Ltd. Bangalore 3.5Lpa 2017 13D21A05D8 Yennam Likhitha Reddy CSE 9618479671 Working Karvy Narakramguda 2 2016 13D25A0202 Buchupalli Manasa EEE 9949689720 Working PUMA Lift Trucks Pvt Ltd Bangalore 1.5 2016 12D21A0204 Amboji Divya EEE 9100230083 Preparing for PSU 2017 13D21A0523 Mounisha palagiri CSE 8185086195 Working Intelinet global services limited Hitecity 1.98 2016 12D21A0518 Mounika kongari CSE 9533879184 Working Wipro Nanakramguda 2.2 2017 13D21A04D3 KALLEDA RAVEENA ECE 7702596444 LEARNING DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE 2018 14D21A0451 Uppu sony ECE 9133702535 Higher Education MS New Jersey institute of technology Electrical engineering United States 2017 13D21A05D8 Yennam Likhitha Reddy CSE 9618479671 Working Karvy Narakramguda 2 2018 14D21A05C8 D.Ashwini Bai CSE 9603633338 Working Intelenet Hyderabad 1.8 2017 13D21A0560 Rachakonda Vineela CSE 9963004802 Working IBM Pune 3.25 2016 12d21a0467 Byagari Divya ECE 9505134934 Higher Education M.Tech Kshatriya College of Engineering Armoor Electronics and communication engineering Armoor, Nizamabad 2017 13D21A05H1 Palakurthy Srinitha CSE 9951510722 Working Capgemini Hyderabad 3.15 2016 12D21A0480 G. MOUNIKA ECE 9059077815 Trying for govt jobs 2016 12D21A0220 Priyanka veeramalla EEE 7416592923 Working Wipro Kondapur 2.1 lpa 2016 12D21A0436 GANTHA PUNYALAXMI ECE 9010957561 Higher Education M.Tech VNR VJIET VLSI DESIGN BACHUPALLY,HYDERABAD 2017 13D21A1234 Sravya Aitha IT 8074172506 Working IBM Kolkata 2018 14D21A0221 L pranitha EEE 7032677043 Searching for job 2017 12D21A04A0 Devanaboina Tulasi Ratnam ECE 9849036953 Working IBM BANGALORE 3.2 2016 12D21A0441 Behatha Sai Bharani ECE 8885837925 Working Cyient Ltd. Madhapur 2018 14D21A04B3 ALE DIVYA ECE 9515520748 Online business 2016 12D21A0425 P. NEELIMA ECE 7893692412 Working CYIENT LIMITED HYDERABAD 3.54 LAKHS PER ANNUM 2017 13D21A04G4 Divya kammari ECE 7993747943 Working Cyient Uppal 1.6 2018 14D21A04G0 Sadhanand Lalaji Roja Bhavani ECE 7075519221 Working DXC Technology Madhapur, Hyderabad. 3.24LPA 2018 14D21A04G1 Sindhu kumari ECE 9951276588 Working Intelenet Hyderabad 1.7 lakh 2018 14D21A05E7 M.Priyanka CSE 9618902602 Dxc results 2016 12D21A0566 Gogineni Asha Jyothi CSE 8125399850 Working Intelenet Global Services Hyderabad 2016 12D21A0496 R RANIBAI ECE 9603851286 Preparing for compitative exams 2016 12D21A0540 Pulluru Sowmya CSE 8106519598 Higher Education MBA Prr college Hr Narsingi 2017 13D21A0526 Korrapati Nagendra Neelima CSE 7330778101 Working IBM India Pvt Ltd Pune 3.67 2017 13D21A0444 BOLU SRI VIDYA ECE 9032615515 Working IBM Hyderabad 3.8Lakhs 2016 12D21A0591 PRIYANKA VARMA CSE 8520075608 Working Cognizant Technology Solutions Bangalore 4.20 pa 2016 12D21A0418 Mudavath Mounika Chowhan ECE 9505277890 Working The Media Street Gacchibowli 2017 13D21A04H5 Mrudula Sunka ECE 7675845032 Higher Education B.ed Mnr teacher education college kukatpally B.ed( in mathematics and physical science ) 2016 12D21A0493 Dasari Prathyusha ECE 9949632094 Working Value Momentum Gachibowli 3.66 2017 13D21A0406 Divya Sarikonda ECE 9502334980 Working Capgemini Bangalore 3.15 2018 14D21A04A5 Thakkallapally Mounika ECE 8466826639 Working DXC Technology Hyderabad 3.24 LPA 2017 13D21A0596 Nallagandla Priyadarshini CSE 9032417617 Working Genpact Uppal 1.35 2016 12D21A0542 sistu sravani CSE 8985249503 Working cognizant divyasri omega, Hitech city 2,00,000 per annum 2017 13D21A05B9 BITRA VARIJA SAI CSE 8985036545 Higher Education M.Tech Christ university Computer science Bangalore 2016 12D21A05C4 Andhe Alwal Devika CSE 9052901847 Working Premier IT Solutions Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 2.4 LPA 2017 13D21A04K8 Bandhela Thirumala ECE 7702571357 Higher Education B ed Ramadevi college of education B ed Mathematics Ramanthapur Hyderabad 2017 13D21A05B9 BITRA VARIJA SAI CSE 8985036545 Higher Education M.Tech Christ university Computer science Bangalore 2016 12D21A0557 Kothakapuswethareddy CSE 7675030371 Business 2016 12D21A0572 D.Kiranmai CSE 9701297120 - 2017 13D21A05E0 Amboori Manasa CSE 9949028110 Working MINDTREE Hyderabad 3.25 LPA 2016 12D21A05B1 Sruthi Koulagari CSE 9573976795 Working Cognizant Hyderabad 2.5lpa 2016 12D2A05E5 Kodicharla revathi CSE 7036800739 Working Wipro technology Hyderabad 1.8 2018 14D21A0587 M.SOWMYA CSE 7901514210 INSTITUTE 2018 14D21A1246 Sowjanya IT 8688448695 Coaching 2016 12d21a04g3 Vuyyuru tejaswi ECE 9705187457 Learning abt testing tools 2017 13D21A1224 SaiGeetha Badam IT 9885539648 Working CapGemini Bangalore 3.15 2017 13D21A0404 ANNARAPU CHAITANYA ECE 9010264692 Working Capgemini BANGALORE 3.15L 2016 12d21a04a1 Chowhan sandhya rani ECE 7997099072 Working Vijaya bank Mumbai 300000 per anum 2016 12D21A0575 Lakshmi priya M CSE 9959531230 Working Zensar Technologies Pune 3.4k